Change begins with



The impact we desire requires others to change deeply embedded behaviours and social norms that are built up and reinforced over decades.

Examples of where Behaviour Change can achieve Impact

Human Trafficking

Gender Based Violence

Health & Nutrition

Extremism & Exclusion

Stabilisation & Conflict

Climate Change

Our Method


We seek to understand.   

We know change is hard. 

We find the opportunities.

Then we constantly test and refine.


Complex social challenges need sophisticated solutions. Achieving impact is not easy.

Breakthrough solutions are needed.

ESDO’s expertise and methodology are decades in the making. Our approach matches the best creative minds with deep local behavioural change experts.

Impact comes from



Achieving behavioural change on Modern Slavery, Sexual and Gender Based Violence, Climate, Conflict, CVE, Social Inclusion and Health requires a disciplined and tested behavioural change methodology.

Community validated evidence is needed to design a behaviour change campaign. 

ESDO’s Evidence Unit leads on this.

The Issue
We first seek to understand the issue. We need the tiny details, the specs of gold. Superficiality is the enemy of impact. 

We delve into the lives of the people affected by the issue. Ideally our people are the ones affected by the issue. We seek and find the difficult truths. Then we identify the change makers.

The Change Makers
The Change Makers are the people who can have the most impact on the issue. Others call them target audiences. That’s too passive for us. Impact comes from others driving the change, not us.

Now we know who the Change Makers are, we need to understand them. Identify their barriers, opportunities and constraints. Really work out how to empower them to drive change. 

Community Validation
Communities are the ultimate source of validation. We ALWAYS involve the community in sense checking the insights we have gleaned. Methodologies are imperfect. Community knowledge is not.

On Brand


Campaigns need brands. Brands help Change Makers quickly identify the trusted voice of the campaign.

Better yet, Change Makers need a brand to identify with – to rally their crew and to feel part of a movement.

Movements are sustainable, they last and they mean something.

ESDO builds brands alongside Change Makers. We build the voice, the tone, the companionship.



Static campaigns die. They do not reach their potential and always fall short on impact.

They might demonstrate some results, but ultimately it is a lost opportunity. Campaigns must constantly evolve.

Learning Mechanism
Harnessing the feedback of Change Makers and communities is critical. We live for their feedback.

We use statistical analysis to identify the slightest opportunities for improvement. 

Then we test and refine. Again and again and again. And then again.

We build measurement mechanisms into the heart of the campaign design so we always have a constant stream of insights.

Impact Evaluations
What is the point of spending money on an intervention if you do not know if it worked? 

Wherver possible we build impact evaluations into our campaign designs, especially new interventions.

We always recommend our donors and partners invest in this vital information. 

Community Validation (Again)
By now you have probably noticed we care about impact and the communities we work with. When the final evaluation of the campaign is done, we always validate the results with the community.

This means that if we make a claim about our performance, you will know it comes with the support of the Change Makers.

Technical Aspects of Behavioural Change