Conflict, Peace & Stabilisation

Conflict, Peace & Stabilisation

ESDO’s Conflict, Peace and Stabilisation Program is designed to support efforts towards long-term stability in post conflict contexts. 

ESDO’s deep community-centric approach means we are often in a unique position to provide much needed information on the needs of populations, from the populations themselves, whether pre-or post liberation. Our focus is on:

Transnational threats in stabilisation contexts including serious organised crime and extremist organisations 

 Assisting stabilisation program design with effective post and pre liberation research

 Government service promotion and community needs assessments 

Evidence for needs assessments, policy makers, program design and evaluation




What we’re doing

ESDO’s Refugees, Migration and Borders Program is researching, designing, delivering and evaluating interventions to:

⇒ Conducting community sentiment research in liberated and pre-liberated environments to identify needs, community perceptions and unique population challenges that can assist in stabilisation efforts.

⇒ Conduct rapid primary course field research into emerging transnational threats both to the stability of stabilisation context and to third countries.

 ⇒ Awareness raising and behavioural change campaigns in stabilising contexts to increase community resilience and increased support to, and awareness of, new government services such as security, justice and healthcare.

⇒ Deliver community behavioural change campaigns to reduce exploitation, modern slavery and human trafficking.

⇒ Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning to assist stabilisation and peacebuilding programmes to adapt and become more effective.

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