Refugees, Migration & Borders

Refugees, Migration & Borders

ESDO’s ambitious Refugees, Migration and Borders mission is to enhance, design and refine programmes that meet the critical protection needs of refugees, displaced people and migrants; provide displaced people, migrants and communities at risk of exploitation with services that enhance their decision making; and help governments to prevent exploitation, corruption and harm from crossing borders and entering communities.

This mission closely links with our Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking work, particularly in exploitation hot spots and where circular migration is being planned. Our focus is on:

Protection needs of refugees, migrants and displaced people.

Opportunities for circular and labour migration pathways.

Government border risk management capacity building.

Evidence for needs assessments, policy makers, program design and evaluation.




What we’re doing

ESDO’s Refugees, Migration and Borders Program is researching, designing, delivering and evaluating interventions to:

Improve protection, and provide opportunities, for refugees, migrants and displaced people.

 Provide psycho social counselling and individual decision making counselling services.

Deliver community behavioural change campaigns to reduce exploitation, modern slavery and human trafficking.

 Build the capacity of governments to more effectively allocate resources to border risks that require differentiated treatments in different threat environments.

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