Social Inclusion, Gender & Equality

Social Inclusion, Gender & Equality

ESDO’s mission on Social Inclusion, Gender and Equality is both our simplest and most complex mission. As two examples of the importance of this mission, according to UN Women 60% of preventable maternal deaths occur in settings of conflict, displacement and natural disasters. At least one in five female refugees and displaced persons have experienced sexual violence. This puts the humanitarian aid and development industry in the frontline of the fight against maternal mortality and sexual violence globally. 

Yet in 2014 just 1 per cent of humanitarian aid and development funding went to female focused interventions.

Likewise disenfranchised and socially excluded men globally have become less resilient to radicalised views, leading to an explosion of gender based violence, intolerance and extremism. As a result, LGBTQI people in many parts of the world live in fear with few options and no support. 

The aims of ESDO’s Social Inclusion, Gender & Equality Program are:

 Aspire to be the leader in gender, LGBTQI and vulnerability mainstreaming into project and program design, implementation and evaluation.

⇒ Eliminate social exclusion that seeds in men radicalisation, gender based violence and extreme prejudice.

⇒  Increase the effectiveness of projects in the humanitarian aid and development sector at managing LGBTQI and women’s needs.

Social Inclusion



What we’re doing

ESDO’s Social Inclusion, Gender & Equality Program is designed to leverage ESDO’s unique capabilities by focusing on:

Consult to project and program implementers by providing specialist gender, LGBTQI and vulnerable population inclusion in project design.

 Increasing, through research, the knowledge base on how to prevent male social exclusion from leading to gender based violence, greater inequality, extremism and detrimentally prejudiced views.

Deliver community behavioural change campaigns to increase tolerance of LGBTQI persons, and reduce gender based violence.

 Evaluate projects and programs to increase the knowledge base of effective programming for equality.

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