Poverty, Livelihoods, Education & Innovation

Poverty, Livelihoods, Education and Innovation

ESDO’s mission on Poverty, Livelihoods, Education and Innovation is to provide opportunities for social mobility and stabilisation to vulnerable communities.

Our aim is to help increase financial security and resilience through a range of livelihood and learning opportunities tailored to the unique circumstances of each community, with a focus on:

Youth and adults

Marginalised people disadvantaged by gender, sexual orientation, identity, ethnicity, geography, poverty, servitude, and social status

Refugees and displaced people

Those at risk of radicalisation.

ESDO’s innovation programming is designed to transform income generation for beneficiaries. We focus on stimulating innovation that achieves this type of transformation through tailored support programmes. These programmes can be as simple as an internet connection + education; matching micro finance; or providing support and coaching to utilise existing productivity tools or technologies where they are not currently being used.  






What we’re doing

ESDO’s Poverty, Livelihoods, Education and Innovation Programme is researching, designing, delivering and evaluating interventions including:

Impact evaluations on poverty reduction and education programmes.

 Diverse learning and livelihood pathways tailored to the unique needs of individuals and their environment.

 Innovation through the provision of business funding, productivity tools/methods and coaching.

 Promoting more resilient, sustainable and inclusive agricultural methods.

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